Latest news of the coronavirus today in Spain | The Balearic Islands confirm the third case of the omicron variant in Spain

The incidence of covid grows nearly 9 points, to 217 cases per one hundred,00zero inhabitants | Contacts with infected omicron or suspected cases should be quarantined in Spain

The Balearic Islands have confirmed the first positive of the omicron variant in the islands and the third in Spain, when Madrid detected the primary 2 cases on .

This may be a girl living in Mallorca who arrived this Wednesday from South Africa after creating a stopover in Frankfurt (Germany). The girl, who was traveling with her husband, has tested positive for antigens meted out at the Son Sant Joan airport and has been transferred to the Son Espases hospital, that, when sequencing the sample, has confirmed that she could be a carrier of the new virus variant.

He has tested negative, but both are confined. The close contacts of infected with the variant ├│micron also must keep quarantine, whether or not they need the whole vaccination schedule, according to the new Health instructions.

Carolina Darias' portfolio has reported 10,536 new infections and 28 additional deaths this Wednesday. The accumulated incidence in Spain rises nearly nine points and reaches 217 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

It isn't a smart time for the pandemic to flare up or for a replacement variant of the virus to look, as it has happened, of which there are still more unknowns than certainties. But this point the new wave of infections – fourth or sixth, depending on the country – and the omicron mutation of the coronavirus have caught Europe at a terribly bad time: Germany, with a functioning government; to Portugal, with elections in little additional than a month;

In France, Emmanuel Macron has a sophisticated electoral horizon with the acute right lurking, while in Italy Mario Draghi is considering whether to maneuver from the Chigi Palace to the Quirinal to assume the presidency of Italy.

Even outside the European Union, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is running into difficulties and this week saw some MPs from his party rebel against the restrictions.

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