Obama maintains lead in twelve key states ahead of elections

President Barack Obama leads polls on voting intention in 12 key states for the upcoming elections. In step with the newest poll distributed by USA Today and the Gallup organization , a mean of 47percent of voters in these states can support Obama's candidacy for reelection, compared to 45percent who can bet on the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney.

The former governor of Massachusetts therefore manages to keep up the trend of recent weeks, constantly closing the gap with respect to his rival. Previous polls placed him simply four points behind , a difference that can also be interpreted as a tie, given the polls' margin of error.

Each the Obama and Romney campaigns are currently immersed, but four months before the elections, in twelve states which will decide the outcome on November half dozen. These are Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin and North Carolina, where the voters has not opted for the same political party each four years. And that's where the battle of campaign advertisements is being fought, that for a few weeks have flooded voters' televisions with arguments for and against both candidates.

And as happened throughout the Republican Party primaries, negativity – with more personal attacks than promises – has marked the messages, which portray Obama – from the Romney campaign – because the failed candidate, unable to rescue the US economy together with his policies, and also the Republican candidate – since the president's campaign – as the millionaire disconnected from the fact of the middle class and whose economic policies pushed the country to the present situation.

The Gallup poll has found that eight out of ten citizens of these twelve states bear in mind seeing one of these ads within the last month, a high percentage that, for currently, looks to favor Obama. Despite the fact that only one in twelve voters say they need modified their mind after seeing an electoral announcement, seventy sixp.c of them would have modified their voting intention to support the president, whereas sixteen% have gone on to support Romney.

The incidence of advertisements might be accentuated during this electoral cycle by the influx of private donations to the campaigns through the PACs, political action committees that may collect on behalf of the candidates and finance, in flip, their own advertising messages. in favor of an applicant or against his opponent. The messages ready by the PACs also are mixed with those financed solely by the official campaign of every candidate for the presidency. Since the presidential campaign began, the candidates and therefore the teams that support them have invested virtually 200 million greenbacks (163 million euros) in advertisements: a hundred and ten million greenbacks for the Obama candidacy and eighty five million bucks in favor of Romney's, in keeping with data compiled by the SMG Delta organization.

The ProPublica organization, that has been revealing the origin and destination of donations for months , makes it attainable to match, for instance, how the American Crossroads cluster invested $ seven.three million during the month of June in varied advertisements against Obama, whereas Priorities USA, the committee that backs the president, spent another $ seven.four million targeting the Republican hopeful during the same period.

The Republican candidate, but, has a bonus in the sector of financing. Last June it raised 106 million bucks, compared to the 71 million that visited the Obama campaign and, per members of his campaign, it aims to succeed in 800 million dollars before November, that's, , maintain no less than 100 million dollars of collection every month. This same weekend, Romney held a fundraising dinner at the residence of 1 of the Koch brothers, influential Conservative donors, and where attendees paid $ 50,00zero for canopy.

During a message sent by the Obama campaign to his supporters, Vice President Joe Biden referred to as Romney's collection “massive” and said they face “a tremendous drawback” which will directly have an effect on the end result of the election. “Just be patient how they spend that money in key states where we want to win,” said Biden.

The assortment of the Republican candidate's campaign in recent months, further because the attacks on Obama's policy that have unleashed most of his ads – backed by the weak economic recovery within the United States – haven't managed, but, to scale back Romney fully the gap together with his rival or get to obviously surpass him in the polls.

Obama maintains lead in twelve key states ahead of elections

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