Omicron Spreads Faster and Vaccines Less Effective, WHO Says

The omicron variant of covid-nineteen appears to spread additional than delta, with milder symptoms , weighing down the action of vaccines, the WHO indicated this Sunday , highlighting that these information are preliminary. Ómicron was gift in sixty three countries as of December nine, the globe Health Organization (WHO) reported in a technical update confirming the statements of its officers in recent days.

According to the WHO, omicron looks to unfold faster than the delta variant, that till currently is accountable for the bulk of infections in the globe. This faster advance isn't exclusive to South Africa , where delta is less prevalent, but also in the UK , where delta is dominant.

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But for the moment, the lack of additional data prevents us from affirming whether the omicron transmission rate is due to the very fact that it manages to avoid immunity, because its characteristics build it a lot of contagious or a combination of each factors. The WHO projected that ” omicron surpasses Delta within the places where there is community transmission .” The data are still insufficient to ascertain the amount of severity of the clinical image causing omicron, even if at the instant the symptoms seem to be “delicate to moderate” in both southern Africa and Europe.

The third dose

Regarding vaccines, the few knowledge out there suggest that omicron's genetic profile ” lowers efficacy with respect to protection from contagion .” Manufacturer Pfizer / BioNTech indicated last week that a three-dose vaccination schedule remains “effective” against omicron. Countries that have the means that are encouraging the population to receive a third dose.

This is that the case in Europe where there is a brand new wave of infections caused by the irruption of the delta, the abandonment of prevention measures and also the low vaccination rates in some countries

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