Sorry, Earth is not level, US exercises ‘war’ in space

The United States (US) is reportedly conducting ‘war' exercises in outer house. The country applied endurance tests of its house satellites from adversaries, in order to deter potential threats from China and Russia.

This take a look at exercise itself is called the Area Flag. The exercise was monitored directly by the Pentagon, specifically Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks at Schriever House Force Base in Colorado.

“Satellites are terribly necessary for military communications, world positioning navigation and timing system is required in case of a war,” said the report quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (twelve/fourteen/2021).

The exercises can be allotted for the next 10 days. In the simulation, there will be “enemy teams” that are countered with extraterrestrial capabilities like Russia or China.

Previously, Russia caused a stir with the US with an anti-satellite missile test last month. Vladimir Putin's country destroyed Russia's Tselina-D spacecraft, which has been in orbit since 1982.

This was criticized by the US for endangering the security of the crew of the International Area Station (ISS). The debris fashioned from the destruction is said to pose a threat to space activity.

When the incident occurred, the ISS crew was rushed to the aircraft capsule for 2 hours. The ISS continues to labor under or be close to the debris each 90 minutes.

This led US officials to believe there was an increasing would like to create US satellite networks impervious to attack and to use opportunities such as the ‘House Flag' to train. Penatgon additionally asked for a bigger budget to further increase the US arsenal.

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