Twitter buys Scroll, a platform that allowed reading media without advertising

Twitter continues to grow and has an eye on the media and on-line advertising. The social network has reached an agreement to buy the ‘startup' Scroll, whose business targeted on permitting a series of media to be scan while not advertising in exchange for a monthly fee , per the firm in an exceedingly statement.

Among the media that are associated with Scroll are Vox, BuzzFeed, Business Insider, The Onion, USA Today, The Atlantic, Slate or The Verge. Despite the fact that the monthly fee is only five dollars, the company assures that media corporations acquire higher income per visit than those of the advertising served.

Following this acquisition, Scroll has reported that it can once more operate in an exceedingly non-public beta state until it's integrated into a “broader Twitter subscription” at the tip of the year.

In July 20twenty, Twitter reported that it absolutely was exploring alternative revenue streams to advertising, like subscriptions. Although it's not announced something in that line, in January it reached an agreement to shop for the platform of newsletters by email (‘newsletters') Revue.

Scroll stressed that he has already shown that there's a business model that guarantees customers a better experience and journalists a better future. However, it has acknowledged that it's not moving “quick enough . ” It was for that reason that the company accepted Twitter's offer.

Scroll's shareholders included The New York Times, Samsung, the American media group Gannett, the Germans Bertelsmann and Axel Springer and investment funds like Uncork Capital or Founder Collective. There was conjointly the former CEO of Reuters and, later, of Thomson Reuters when their merger, Tom Glocer.

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